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Conventional Laryngoscope Blade

· Quick,Precise and Deendable high Quality Instrument.
· Value for money without any compromise on quality.
· nternational quality warm light bulb on blades.
· Back side curved design for tooth protection
· Easy to Clean and fully Autoclavable.

Miller Laryngoscope Blade

This blade has straight tongue with gently curved tip over the distal tip and flange folede inward over the tongue.
It is designed to lift the epiglottis indirectly in a manner of the machintosh blade pimaily for infants and child use.

Macintosh Type Curved Laryngoscope Blades - Satin / Dull Finish

· Much faster ,Precise and easy to fit fibre optic Easy Clip Bundle.
· Superior design - products of inhouse research and development.
· Incomparable cold ,bright white ligt > 2800 lux.
· Complete lineup of mac ,Miller and pediatric oxygen range.
· stainless steel parts guarantee years of troble free use.

Laryngoscope Set

Laryngoscope Set

Laryngoscope with Blade & Leaver

· Full choice of Macintosh and Miller Blades including Miller Oxygen sizes
· Simple operation, trouble-free use, no screws / keys,no lost parts
· Autoclavable Fibre bundle, tested to withstand over 300 cycles
· All stainless steel parts guaranteed for 5 years.
· light weight stainless steel handle without any sleeves

Laryngoscope handle Stainless Steel Shine Finish

Laryngoscope Handle Stainless Steel Shine Finish

Spare Bulbs

Spare Bulbs

Fibreoptic Plastic Laryngoscope set

Fibreoptic Plastic Laryngoscope set