Kay & Company

Kay & Company is a leading name in the medical instruments, appliances and hospital furniture sector catering since 1959. We are a renowned manufacturer, exporter, importer and supplier of medical instruments, medical appliances manufacturers, hospital furniture exporter, medical disposable products, hospital rubber goods, baby incubators suppliers, hospital instruments and holloware, hospital garments manufacturers, suction machines and vacuum extractors, hot air oven exporters, centrifuge machines distributors, Resuscitators, Face Mask (Antistatic/Silicone), Anesthesia Machines and Equipments, O.T. Tables and O.T. Lights, Baby Incubators, Hospital Instruments and Holloware, Hospital Garments, Hospital Rubber Goods, Laboratory Equipments & Appliances, Suction Machines and Vacuum Extractors, Hot Air Oven, Centrifuge Machines, Autoclaves and Sterilizers, Electro Cautery Machines, Dopplers, Analysers, etc.